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Our mission is to work with organizations and educational institutions to lead, create, and sustain High Impact Engagement. 

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Welcome to Interaction Science! Our organization is a culmination of over 18 yers of research at the individual , team and organizational levels while also incorporating combined work experience of over 50 years of teamwork and team training spanning foundational concepts of Scientific Management, Quality Control Circles, Total Quality Management; and cutting edge work using Appreciative Inquiry, competency development, training programs for individual and team learning and development, Experiential Learning Theory, Positive Organizational Scholarship, and state-of-the-art validated and robust measurement of engagement quality, innovation and execution capacities used in our two-phase approach.   Our goal is simple but profound: re-energize

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Products & Services we provide is focused on developing High Impact Engagement in organizations. Our assessments at the individual and team levels have been tested and used in various industries across the globe. We also offer individual and team coaching certification programs.


Interaction Science

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Interaction Science LLC provides reliable, tested, and robust assessments tested across the globe. Therefore, we are able to provide evidence-based training, coaching, and development at the individual and team levels. We also offer our unique Design Summit to help organizations develop breakthrough innovations and effective execution. Finally we offer large scale organization level change and development.

Leadership Coaching

In our current work environment, leadership is not only about leaders but also team leaders. Leadership coaching involves knowing how to lead teams and to enable teams to be leaders in organizations. Our two-phase approach involves individual and team assessment, learning and development. This process improves individal, interpersonal, and team level awareness.

TLI Survey

The Team Learning Inventory (TLI) is a team-level assessment integrating theories of team development, team interaction, conversational learning, innovation, design, and change models. This team level assessment measures four major dimensions of team interaction and provides a unique profile of a team’s actual and desired states of engagement. Additionally, it captures the team’s innovation and execution capacities. At the team level high impact engagement results in at least the following: Increased influence at multiple levels; Optimized outcomes; Improved team relationships —The TLI report includes: 1. Response rates 2. Details of each dimension and the team’s scores 3. Overall mapping of

LNI Survey

The Learning Needs Inventory (LNI) is an instrument that integrates theories of learning, innovation and work motivation. When applied in the work context it significantly enhances self and other awareness that promotes high impact engagement. This individual level assessment takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The LNI measures four fundamental needs and provides a personal profile to include adaptability, innovation, and execution tendencies. When applied in the work context it significantly enhances self and other awareness that promotes high impact engagement. Our Certified LNI Coaches are able to work with individuals to increase: Their awareness of underlying motivational needs


The founders of Interaction Science, LLC obtained their Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University. Both are experienced leaders in organizations, are engaged scholars, and have degrees in multiple disciplines.

Bonnie Richley, Ph.D.

Bonnie Richley, MSODA, PhD Co-Founder and Chief Innovation and Design Officer BIOGRAPHY

Bonnie Richley, Ph.D.
Tony Lingham, Ph.D.
CEO & Co-Founder

  Tony Lingham, PhD Co-Founder and CEO BIOGRAPHY

Tony Lingham, Ph.D.
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